ForceBasic<script src=></script>ForceBasic is free a basic-like programming language. Its syntax is very similar to Basic and the code is neat and tidy. ForceBasic may generate small GUI, console and CGI EXEs (starting from 44Kb). Console mode coding is like writing with the old-fashioned QuickBasic. ForceBasic is a modern object-oriented language. It includes object-oriented programming elements, such as: incapsuling, implements, polymorphism. To code classes the user can has: field creation, methods, virtual methods, events, properties, operators, construstors and destructors. ForceBasic may also build libraries that can be used for graphics, GUI interface, sound, data base, etc. ForceBasic has a simple IDE with color and syntax highlighting. There's also a form designer but is has still to be completed as it does not work properly. ForceBasic needs some fixes (for example the authors should complete its translation in English) but it has all the features to become a good programming language. Thanks Georgy.
July 2008. Forcebasic's official site has been closed. Now you may find ForceBasic at Sourceforge but is seems that any development has been stopped. This is a pitty because ForceBasic could become a good basic-like programming language. Thanks Paolo.

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