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FreeBasicFreeBASIC is not a 'new' Basic language as the user must not learn anything new than DOS Basic. FreeBASIC is compatible with QBasic and QuickBasic but the author states that 'compatibility doesn't mean you can compile a source-code made for QuickBASIC and hope it will run fine'. The language itself contains only a small number of keywords: all functions are implemented as libraries. FreeBASIC does not have any new intrinsic routine, like MSGBOX for example, so there's no variable clashes with old code.
But FreeBasic offers much more that ordinary DOS Basic. Last version is partially OOP. It supports dynamic and static arrays up to 2GB, with unlimited number of dimensions, redim preserve; inline Assembly; reference to variables is by name; pointers; operators and functions overloading. It may create OBJ, LIB, DLL, console and GUI EXEs. FreeBasic is a three-in-one language (it supports three dialects, FB, FBlite and QB). While FreeBASIC isn't an optimizing compiler, it does many kinds of optimizations to generate the fastest possible code on x86 CPU's, not loosing against other BASIC alternatives. FreeBasic produces true compiled executables. The package does not come with an IDE but a third-party IDE may be downloaded from the Links section.
A free good editor for FreeBasic is Jellyfish.

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josep 2013-10-20 4:16
The current production version of FreeBASIC is 0.90.1.
codeFoil 2012-05-12 2:30
Currently at version 0.23.
The FreeBASIC project leans in favor of a rich, expressive language, while the run time library includes just enough to make a programmer familiar with QuickBASIC comfortable, enhanced in areas that make sense on a modern machine. Any library with a documented C binding is easily linked against from FreeBASIC code, which gives the language unlimited potential.
John B. 2010-10-03 8:02
Hopefully the development is back on track. Tried a search on google and i got this page about free basic
E.K.Virtanen 2010-09-14 10:19
@cyb. There were pretty hard two years in the developement, but now all signs shows that developement is getting back on tracks.
cybermonkey 2010-08-20 17:55
I waited so long for version 0.21 and now there is still NO 64bit support with the new version. Very poor.
Mico 2010-07-05 12:55
It's still under development, although not as fast as in the past. However, if you find a bug, developers will fix the compiler and there is a very lively community. A new release (0.21) should be ready very soon.
Jibes 2010-06-21 23:23
Is the project discontinued? There doesn't seem to have been a new release since late 2008? (the langauge and compiler are fine though...just curious as to whether devolpment has been abandoned)
The Basics Page 2010-06-15 18:54
Goto to the download section of the Freebasic's web site, choose the version you prefer and click on the small round icon on the right.
Popular 2010-06-05 10:54
Aurel 2009-08-02 13:58
Free Basic in current state is one of the best basic compilers today. In Free Basic you can do everything - limit is only your imagination. One very popular IDE for Free Basic is defanetly FBEdit by KetilO.
sander 2009-05-26 1:42
how can i download
BaBooM! 2009-05-08 7:45
Which IDE are you using for? If you can say the IDE's name for Ubuntu, i will be very grateful.
gogo dancer 2009-04-25 12:51
This one is pretty cool and free as in free beer :-) i use it on my ubuntu and my vista with no major problem

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