GamesBasic<script src=></script>GamesBasic (not to be confused with GameBasic) is a new free programming language which allows the user to create multimedia applications such as games, demos and educational software. GamesBasic has just been relased in alpha version and it's in early development. GamesBasic compile to native assembly and the authors state that has one of the fastest compilers. GamesBasic comes with a good working environment with syntax coloured highlighting, visual breakpoints, debug windows such as breakpoints and CPU view, support for projects with multiple files. Debugger features are: single-step through code, step-into step-over feature, live insertion of breakpoints into executing code, breakpoint window and - the authors say - application can never crash the IDE. GamesBasic does not support DLL's, but in the future the language should be able to use any external DLL's. Last version of GamesBasic is 0.7 and is dated September 2005. Thanks Jonathan.
September 2009. Gamesbasic web site has disappeared. Thanks Petr.

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Review updated: 2009-09-17
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