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GFA Basic<script src=></script>Originally GFA-Basic had been developed for the ATARI computers (16-bit and 32-bit) and the version for Windows wanted to be a valid alternative to VisualBasic. The goal was to give the programmer the best instruments to create powerful programs. GFA-Basic had never followed the road traced by VisualBasic, as it has always been developed as a product with its own characteristics. GFA-Basic is a professional programming language, it has hundreds of commands and functions and a very well written manual. Thousands of programmers use GFA-Basic but if you plan to start using it, keep in mind that this language does not follow those implicit syntax rules that most of the popular modern Basic languages do. Althought there are really many GFA-Basic programmers, unfortunately the forums I found where not enought populated to be useful. The IDE should be improved. GFA-Basic has been discontinued at least since 2005.
March-July 2008. GFA-Basic is still alive!. GFA-Basic fans created a site dedicated to this language where you can dowload a copy of for Windows 32bits. The sites states that GFA-Basic "is now abandonware. Back in 2001 the firm responsible for 15 years of GFA-BASIC products went bankrupt. Despite several pleas for providing the source code to the public domain, no former employee of Gfa Software Technologies GmbH responded to the GFA-BASIC community." The source code is not available, but the site owners are in any way able to support the language by fixing bugs. Last update is of December 2007. Thanks Jose, thanks Steffen.

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