GLBasicGLBasic (once called DiNGS) is a basic-like 2d/3d/networkable cross platform programming language for develope games which creates stand-alone EXEs. GLBasic includes lots of useful tools such as setup utilities for the game developed. Many examples and an extensive documentation with tutorials and samples for every command is provided. There are also lots of free graphics and a user-friendly editor that may help debugging the code. Games written in GLBasic run on Windows 9x, NT, 2000 and XP. Graphics uses OpenGL. It supports transparent sprites, sprite rotations, sprite zooming, alpha blending, stereo sound playback, movie playback (mpg, avi, mp2, mov), joystick, mouse and keyboard.

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Nicholas Kingsley 2011-08-03 1:37
You can't really go wrong with it, especially now that Android support has been added
Ian 2011-03-15 0:50
Easily one of the best BASIC style programming languages available. You get the ease of BASIC with the power and speed of C++. External libraries, DLLS and C++ code can also be added to the already full commandset. The language is very well supported and updated regularly. it supports multiple platforms including PC, MAC, iOS (iPhone, Ipad etc.), Mac, Linux, GP2X, Wiz, WebOS (Palm Pre etc.), Pandora, XBox Linux and Pocket PC. Documentation and help is second to none. Android support is also looking increasingly likely in the very near future. The full GLBasic package allows the user to create 2D or 3D games/apps with ease. It also has a very friendly and supportive user-forum, and includes networking commands.
KodeSource 2010-05-27 20:20
I agree. I submitted a bug report and he fixed it by the next day. Powerful, fast, and inexpensive. Full 3D features, and now supports creating games for the iPhone.
Quentin 2009-04-15 15:03
First class support for this language form the author.

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