HotBasicHotBasic produces stand-alone executables by parsing source code straight to assembler language producing much more small EXEs starting from 6,5Kb. Rapid-Q users will appreciate the generally backward compatibility with Rapid-Q basic coding syntax, but do not consider it as a 'new Rapid-Q', the ability to extend Rapid-Q is a plus. HotBasic is a fully featured advance programming language. HotBasic offers a number of objects to build GUI applications such as form control, buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes, image managing, labels, listboxes, richedit, statusbar, menu, fonts. HotBasic provides also advance features as clipbpoard control, memory management, strong mathematical functions with FPU management, registry editing, socket and SQL functions, access to application data. At the moment HotBasic is not a language for beginners. As to the first drafting the documentation is better althought the help is not user-friendly: it's a number of text files that you can view with a browser. Explanations are not easy to understand. A Linux version is planned for the future. The effort of the developer is serious and constant. A new version is available and many new 'components' may be downloaded among which an IDE. Very good. A visual GUI designer is now available. Thanks Cor de Visser.

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