HotBasicHotBasic produces stand-alone executables by parsing source code straight to assembler language producing much more small EXEs starting from 6,5Kb. Rapid-Q users will appreciate the generally backward compatibility with Rapid-Q basic coding syntax, but do not consider it as a 'new Rapid-Q', the ability to extend Rapid-Q is a plus. HotBasic is a fully featured advance programming language. HotBasic offers a number of objects to build GUI applications such as form control, buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes, image managing, labels, listboxes, richedit, statusbar, menu, fonts. HotBasic provides also advance features as clipbpoard control, memory management, strong mathematical functions with FPU management, registry editing, socket and SQL functions, access to application data. At the moment HotBasic is not a language for beginners. As to the first drafting the documentation is better althought the help is not user-friendly: it's a number of text files that you can view with a browser. Explanations are not easy to understand. A Linux version is planned for the future. The effort of the developer is serious and constant. A new version is available and many new 'components' may be downloaded among which an IDE. Very good. A visual GUI designer is now available. Thanks Cor de Visser.

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HotBasic homepage
Smoking 2013-02-11 13:07
Not sure about HotBasic but the guy (and "HotBabe") behind it is quite, erm, unique, just went through the "story in pictures" part on his site. Wow…
oldeFoxx 2012-03-29 3:41
With other Basics available, you may wonder "Why
bother?" I can't answer that, but I keep coming back to it, because it is likeable. Most things are terse in HotBasic, so reading it is less of a challenge. It benefits form having people who support it with their own IDE and Help file additions, but there is a lack of a good forum for the exchange of ideas. There are two groups on Yahoo for HB, as it is referred to. One named HotBasic, and the other named HotBasic_Linux. Yes, there is a Linux version out there now, much of the code between the two versions is remarkably similar.
The moderator for both Yahoo groups is the HotBasic developer. This guy is pretty sharp, and if something is not right with either version, he gets to it pretty fast and his fixes work. We are at version 6.0 now, and other than the kitchen sink wasn't thrown in as well, there is not too much left to do. It has more file types that one compiler can make, and more focus on GUI support than most BASICs even consider, and it is reasonably priced.
When a new release comes out, you are told about it and you just download it onto your PC. A little tricky there, but you learn your way. The thing that throws some people is the website. Prepare yourself. It is packed with information, and txhe color scheme is pink, white, and black. Some people get turned off by that, but you have to look beyond the colors. This is a smart guy, he has a great product, and just because he does not share your taste in colors should not be held against him.
K5HUM 2009-10-27 17:36
PROS: Extremely fast compilation speed. The source is converted behind the scenes to ASM which is then fed to a public domain Microsoft Linker. As such raw ASM code can easily be sprinkled throughout the HotBasic source. This results in very tight stand alone executables with no dependencies. This is unlike some older compilers that generate byte code requiring an internal interpreter to run. HotBasic can also create standard OBJ, DLL or LIB files. Another big plus is the elimination of "almost" all pre program declarations. The author is extremely prompt to answer question and is friendly to a fault. The price for HotBasic is also typically half of what the nearest competition charges. CONS: There is no GUI trial version although the authors makes it possible to create executables using 3000 or less lines of code vi his website at HotBasic occasionally uses 21st century syntax that bugs many seasoned old school coders. HotBasic's documentation is basically limited to hundreds of snippets of code on his website that are there to demonstrate the use of HotBasic's many library functions. HotBasic lacks a Form generator or Debugger (which isn't of consequence to seasoned coders). Some 3rd party Form and Debug utilities are available but most have problems or are incomplete. Some professional coders state they are unwilling to invest time with HotBasic because its creator and support system is essentially a one man show.

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