HTBasic<script src=></script>HTBasic is a language developed by TransEra Corporation in 1988. TransEra has been a developer and manufacturer of hardware, software, and engineering products since 1976 such as Tektronix workstations, HP plotter interfaces, IEEE-488 Interface card. HTBasic borned to be a easy language to comunicate with hardware devices, but rapidly gained all the functionalities of an event-driven programming language. HTBasic is a powerful scientific / engineering language that combines the ease-of-use of BASIC, the math capabilities of FORTRAN and the structured-programming of Pascal and C. Its quite clear to understand the evolution HTBasic made: the language has the structure of an interpreted numbered-line Basic, but above this it has be implemented with all the necessary commands and statements to manage events in a kind of old Basic style using statements such as ON/OFF EVENT, WAIT FOR EVENT, DISABLE EVENT... It may produce GUI programs. HTBasic has a IDE but the code runs in a old-fashioned black DOS window similar to the GWBasic screen. The Help is very well done, one of the most exhaustive ever seen. The language is no more developed and has been discontinued in 2002. Thanks Renato.

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