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JustBasicJust BASIC is a free Basic based on a subset Liberty BASIC. The developer is the same of Liberty Basic. Just BASIC has passed the beta stage and now it's available version 1.0.1. Thanks Michalis, thanks Carl.
Althought the News section of the official web site reports some activity, the last version of JustBasic is dated September 2005.

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Stranger 2013-08-28 10:52
I think JB is an awesome language for noob programmers. Their were plenty of times when I learned how to do something in Just Basic and was inspired to figure out something in C++. I feel that your only limited by your skill when it comes to programming. The only thing I did not learn from JB was OOP and Pointers but for the most part your golden if you start with Just basic.
Phil 2013-03-17 12:21
Yes this language is for beginers,even is not very good
for newbies because don't have real basic syntax.
I will suggest to anyone who is interested in real and
powerful basic - like language that try OXYGEN BASIC.
Bereb 2012-05-04 20:55
This Basic works only on Windows, not on Linux ... Good programming language but useful only for beginners.
Slayer 2010-01-22 23:26
It seems that you don't understand what Stand-Alone means. Stand alone doesn't mean one file. I have programmed in most BASIC dialects listed in this site, and I have tried a lot of them, if not all. They all work in similar ways. The runtime + code. Sometimes the code is Binded to the Exe, then compressed. Just BASIC can produce stand-alone programs.
Antony 2010-01-17 21:20
Oh my , you obviusly dont know what is real standalone exe file? Just Basic can not create standalone exe becose is not real basic compiler. He only create package ( read :copy runtime.exe and tkn crypted file) in one folder and thas all.
Slayer 2009-11-19 23:57
Hi, the author never said anything about discontinuing the language. It's true that is not being updated for long. But since it's a small version of Liberty BASIC, being this one in current active development it makes sense to think that Just BASIC is in development too. It took like five days to create the first version of JB. OT: Nice site. I have tested most of the BASIC you have listed in here.
The Basics Page 2009-11-18 19:52
Languages are marked as "discontinued" when the authors stop developing and maintaining the language. "Discontinued" does not mean that a language is no more used.
Slayer 2009-11-18 9:24
Just BASIC is a success, in fact it is used in schools to teach about programming and logic. It is a suitable programming language for beginners and for advanced coders. It can produce stand-alone Executables, and it has its own command set specially designed to create games.
jlinton 2009-09-12 14:45
Thats funny what Trevor said about Just Basic. It is a real versatile language. Not deserving of what he said. If you dont want to code then use a RAD. After you use a RAD, dont dare call yourself a programmer. My guess is that he looked at the picture of it and made a judgement. Never even said what was bad about the language in his opinion. Just blind statements. If your going to say something like its not suitable then say why you believe it isnt. Oh and if your going to say somebody isnt good at something you better know who your talking about and what they know. His name is Carl Gundel! He put out a programming language. What have you done???
Anton 2009-08-02 14:09
Of course that is "similiar" - it's the same but cuted version of Liberty
James Young 2009-07-03 14:56
I've used Just Basic, and it's very similar to Liberty Basic, but you can't use custom dll's I think. Just because it's free, doesn't mean it's worthless, on the contrary, I recommend it for quickly creating applications. (It also has a forum with a following) I give this full version free language two thumbs up!
riggs 2009-02-25 11:36
Why is JustBASIC listed under the "discontinued" link? It is still very much available and many hobbyists (and a few non-hobbyists) use and study it. Shoptalk Systems may be expected to revise JustBASIC some day, but the main company's product, LibertyBASIC certainly takes priority on revision work. The purpose of JustBASIC is to help people begin learning programming in BASIC and to promote the more powerful LibertyBASIC. JustBASIC is very good as a freeware product, and LibertyBASIC is much more powerful (and is shareware).
aurel 2009-02-19 3:35
WOW strong words! I think that we all know that JB is with very poor performance and that have some anoying bugs but he is just small interpreter with little bit weird programming logic.
Trevor 2009-02-06 6:36
JustBASIC is rubbish. If you are thinking about getting into programming then you should try something that is well designed. JB does not feel like a proper language, it is full of quirks and bugs that are only there because the creator is not good at writing languages. The language is not suitable for introducing a beginner to the world of modern BASIC programming, try something like FreeBASIC or Creative.
Gemino Smothers 2008-12-04 23:21
this is good for contact managers n stuff. its terrible for games. (the grafix commands suck!)
Dertex507 2008-11-30 22:59
i'm 17 years old for me this is a good programming language for non programmers. specially for young people like me. :-)
aurel 2008-11-24 1:17
From my point of view Just Basic is good programming language for beginers.

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