Although Lemick syntax is based on BASIC it is not a reimplementation of some flavor of BASIC neither it tends to conform to some standards. Lemick supports object-oriented programming yet it is not a purely object-oriented language. Most of the traditional BASIC constructs, such as If, Do, Select and etc., are present in Lemick. However everything related to input/output, user interface, networking and similar is defined in the packages and is not part of the language itself. Althought it was one of the major design ideas to keep the core language compact and to provide powerful constructs for the extension of the language through packages and native code, the source code is'nt so neat. Lemick uses a virtual machine (VM) and has the run-time which translates VM assembler into a native platform code. Lemick run-time tries to be highly efficient. The author declares that it is ten to hundred times faster then popular interpreters, for example, Perl or Python. And it is just slightly slower then the recent Java JIT-based run-times. To support object-oriented programming Lemick provides classes, interfaces, single inheritance, virtual methods and safe dynamic casting. Lemick provides structured exception handling support. Exceptions are full objects and exception handlers can be attached to blocks of code (Try-Catch-Finally) or to objects, classes and exceptions. Thanks Markus.
February 2004. Lemick developement has stopped.

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