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Liberty BasicGood Basic language, it is constantly updated and well thinked. Libertybasic does not create stand alone EXE files so that it requires a runtime engine and 7 other DLLs for a total overhead of 1.98Mb. It does'nt come with a good working environment but the site offers links to third-party IDE. LibertyBasic did not born with a native GUI form designer althought it comes with FreeForm, a GUI designer realized by some LB enthusiasts. You could also try the shareware GUI builder LB Workshop. Libertybasic is periodically improved and may count on thousands of useres which contribute with their help and sources. A new version is available.
December 2005. Liberty Basic Toolbox is a new complete IDE and GUI creator. LB Toolbox is well built and it offers lot of functionalities. Thanks Ben.
February 2006. There's a new helpfull shareware tool for LibertyBasic. 'Assist' is fully featured code manager. Some of the most important characteristics are: easily keep multiple versions of source code, compare differences between different versions using a color coded viewer, merge else work with your own, easly create deployable applications, performance Profiling (highlights the places where your programs spend their time executing, by counting the number of milliseconds consumed by each line of code as the program runs), advance source Code formatting. Assist my be downloaded from LibertyBasic web site. Thanks Michalis.
May 2007. Dennis wrote: «I've been programming with Liberty Basic for over 5 years now so I wanted you to know a little more about LB:
1) LB syntax is not true BASIC syntax in the Quick BASIC tradition. It has a very awkward syntax and many new programmers have mentioned to me that they find learning this language very difficult.
2) LB author keeps raising the price and offers a few add-on like the 'Assist' program that you mention. Coupled with the fact that LB does not have a very good help file, you have to spend a lot of money ordering ebooks and other extras to help learn the language and this raises the overall cost of programming with LB. There are much better choices out there with respect to price». Thanks Dennis.

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Angel 2015-03-03 14:02
LB impressed me as an easy language from the begining, maybe the easiest but is slow and bloatware if you need speed, but recently LB Booster 3.0 has been released with remarkable improvements. It is a tool to consider.
For the record, I found this compiler by chance using a search machine in the quest for a new basic compiler, because this one is not being promoted as it deserves. It is almost unknown. But....

- Speeds up Liberty BASIC programs by up to ten times.
- Compiles a Liberty BASIC 4 programs to a compact, standalone executables. (184 KB Minimum)
- Has corrected many of Liberty BASIC's bugs.
- OOP programming with classes has been added
- SEH structured exception handling (TRY/CATCH) added
- Has an own debbuger and profiler.
- Can be opened any kind of ports like LPT1 to establish communication
- It is freeware for personal and commercial use

To me, there are a lot of improvements and has become a new product compatible with LB, so I am considering to program with this tool quite complete and very exciting
If someone is interested for more detailed information, the best is to see the documentation page
and for users´comments about the compiler the LBB forum
ben 2015-01-15 9:38
LB is not good as it says.
But if you want spend your money on such a things.
I recommend free software
Free basic
Oxygen basic
Mike Molinari 2014-08-10 23:18
I have been using Liberty Basic for many years.

I have distributed programs written in it and have it automating many tasks for me.

The best thing about liberty basic is the GUI code that lets you make a program quickly and efficiently.
Peggion 2013-03-21 6:04
LB is like an old and good Basic of yesterday: easy to write a program. And like the the old Basic, LB is not compiled but interpreted. Does anybody remember VB3 or QBasic ?
Cage 2012-03-10 21:44
There is a program out now that works with Liberty Basic call Liberty Basic Booster. It compiles everything into just one executable file. Another thing it does is speed up the program written in LB. So far the only problem I have run into is in the timer functions. Since the program run much faster delays need to be longer. Other then that it works great. It took a 2.77 MB LB program down to 107 KB. LB Booster can be found at
vedic mathematic 2011-04-15 10:15
There's no mystery why Liberty BASIC is found on more computers all over the world with features like these... * Easy BASIC language - write a one line program! * Runs on all versions of Windows * Includes a special interactive tutorial * Comes with tons of instructive example code * Terrific online community is fun and helpful * Includes a visual tool for drawing GUIs * Multimedia features including sound graphics, and animation * Easy to use debugging tools * User functions and subs with scoped variables * Supports serial communications and hardware port I/O * Make API calls and use DLLS vedic mathematic ([url][/url])
Denis 2011-03-17 23:39
''Libertybasic does not create stand alone EXE files so that it requires a runtime engine and 7 other DLLs for a total overhead of 1.98Mb. '' So where is the problem? You try to avoid truth....
Programmer 2011-01-25 2:40
That is a good point @Nathanprocks ... The Slayer guy is really silly when he constanly talk that LB can produce real standalone executable,heh this is really funny becose things dont work on that way. LB even don't create bundled or binded exe like many other interpreters ,which is little bit weird. Only way to use as one exe file is by using some sort of compressor which can put all this dll.s sll.s into one final exe. However language is very simple to learn...
Nathanprocks 2011-01-21 7:56
Standalone means that it does not require any .dll, .sll or .tkn files.
Slayer 2010-02-16 22:25
LB has a very good help file, and there are online forums, resources, tutorials, wikis, videos, and open source codes to play with. Everything free. The syntax is BASIC. It's not so hard to translate old QBASIC code to LB.
Slayer 2010-02-15 3:07
Yep, I like your definition. So you agree with me, LB produces real "stand-alone" programs. The confusion about LB being a "compiler" comes from the guy above which is doing wrong reviews about this BASIC. The LB runtime is a "JIT compiler", that said by the language author.
Mat 2010-02-11 0:52
I really love LB for what I use it for... .... and because of its relative simplicity, found it easy to learn. Now... to clear up a little confusion. LB does NOT produce native/binary 'true' executables. (IE is not a 'true' compiler!)... What it does is... produce standalone tokenized code, which is then executed by a runtime engine.... When you 'compile' your LB program, LB bundles the runtime engine and support files with your tokenized file as a complete package of files.
Leo 2010-02-06 22:39
It seems that you dont know what is real compiled standalone exe? If you know what is you never write that can produce. call things with real name...
Slayer 2010-01-22 4:25
It can produce Stand-Alone programs. Which means that it doesn't require the Editor (IDE). And people without programming knowledge can run your programs without trouble. ----- BTW this guy above writes exactly like the first poster.
Slayer 2010-01-22 23:41
Again? Please can somebody IP-ban this guy? He is a hater. Liberty BASIC can produce stand-alone programs easily. As I told you before, the option is in the menu Run> Create Application. I think that this idea of letting people to leave comments is great. But your wrong statements Arron are useless. Please start making useful comments, or don't comment at all.
Arron 2009-12-27 0:23
Dont tell untrue things. LB can not produce real standalone compiled exe like real compilers.
johny 2009-12-20 21:52
LB don't produce real standalone exe like other real compilers. He can only pack runtime exe with other files.
Slayer 2009-11-18 9:09
It can produce stand-alone Exes, and it's easy from the menu: Run> Create Application. The syntax is very easy to learn. And the help-file is really good.
jlinton 2009-09-12 15:05
I use this language, and love it. It might cost some but that doesnt matter. Liberty basic also puts out free and shareware versions. The freeware is called Just Basic. Also there is plenty of material to get started on their site and the web. Many published books to that teach using the LB language. Very powerful language for a BASIC one. This isnt my first language but its one of my favorites. Both JB and LB deserve much higher ratings here.
James Young 2009-07-03 14:17
It's a nice, productive language, also, you can extend it's capabilities with custom .dll's (made in another language) It's not imposing like some languages! (But not very good at making games.) For games, I use GML, (GAME MAKER LANGUAGE) Another thing, when you buy Liberty Basic, you can go on to libertybasic.conforums and get tons of help!

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