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Liberty Basic<script src=></script>Good Basic language, it is constantly updated and well thinked. Libertybasic does not create stand alone EXE files so that it requires a runtime engine and 7 other DLLs for a total overhead of 1.98Mb. It does'nt come with a good working environment but the site offers links to third-party IDE. LibertyBasic did not born with a native GUI form designer althought it comes with FreeForm, a GUI designer realized by some LB enthusiasts. You could also try the shareware GUI builder LB Workshop. Libertybasic is periodically improved and may count on thousands of useres which contribute with their help and sources. A new version is available.
December 2005. Liberty Basic Toolbox is a new complete IDE and GUI creator. LB Toolbox is well built and it offers lot of functionalities. Thanks Ben.
February 2006. There's a new helpfull shareware tool for LibertyBasic. 'Assist' is fully featured code manager. Some of the most important characteristics are: easily keep multiple versions of source code, compare differences between different versions using a color coded viewer, merge else work with your own, easly create deployable applications, performance Profiling (highlights the places where your programs spend their time executing, by counting the number of milliseconds consumed by each line of code as the program runs), advance source Code formatting. Assist my be downloaded from LibertyBasic web site. Thanks Michalis.
May 2007. Dennis wrote: Ā«I've been programming with Liberty Basic for over 5 years now so I wanted you to know a little more about LB:
1) LB syntax is not true BASIC syntax in the Quick BASIC tradition. It has a very awkward syntax and many new programmers have mentioned to me that they find learning this language very difficult.
2) LB author keeps raising the price and offers a few add-on like the 'Assist' program that you mention. Coupled with the fact that LB does not have a very good help file, you have to spend a lot of money ordering ebooks and other extras to help learn the language and this raises the overall cost of programming with LB. There are much better choices out there with respect to priceĀ». Thanks Dennis.
May 2017. Version 4.5.1 is out with some bug fixes and improvements.

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