LithiumBasic<script src=></script>Lithium BASIC is a Basic-like programming language ideal for novice user to build quite complete Windows programs with ease. It has a programming environment with debugging capabilities. The language offers a great number of functions and commands and all the main controls to build graphical interfaces: textboxes, buttons, radio buttons, check buttons, group boxes, listboxes, comboboxes, getdir and getfiles, and simple image management. Lithium BASIC offers also simple sprite graphics. The syntax language itself is very similar to QuickBasic. Lithium Basic comes with a simple but comprehensive help and many examples. It does not build stand-alone EXEs as the EXE needs a 412Kb runtime library. The developer states that Lithium BASIC needs at least Windows 98 and nothing is said about Windows XP. It seems that Lithium BASIC has some problems under Windows XP such as color management and sometimes it fails to run/compile the source code without explanations.
August 2005. Lithium Basic disappeared, but thanks to Michalis here you may download the last two versions. The Setup of version 1.03 looks for a file that does not exist and will not install.

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Review updated: 2008-12-17
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