MediaBasic<script src=></script>MediaBasic is a new Basic-like language, that uses a language syntax combination of VBScript, Delphi and other major programming languages. MediaBASIC combines the power of Delphi, the simple syntax of VisualBasic/BASIC. One of MediaBasic's unique features is that it fully supports VBScript and all its components. MediaBasic was born as simple education project teaching that rapidly gained good reviews and thus it was developed as a full project. The language syntax is actually very simple and you can run a simple GUI application in really little time. The language offers all the commands, statements and functions to build complete GUI programs such as textboxes, listboxes, comboboxes, richedit, buttons, radiobuttons and checkboxes, labels, groups boxes, scrollbars, treeview, file management and related dialogues. MediaBasic creates stand-alone EXEs starting from 460Kb. The IDE is a simple but well done programming environment. Currently MediaBasic is still in alpha development stage.
February 28th, 2005. The Mediabasic forum reports: 'As of Monday, 28 February 2005 sponsorship of Media Basic will be discontinued. At a later date the project may become open source on SourceForge; at this time the developer intends to discontinue his envolvement and development; further information may be supplied later. The Media Basic forum will continue for a short time; however, support will be minimal.' Thanks Michael.
February 2011. Media Basic is on Sourceforge now. Thanks Randall

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