Looking around the internet, reading newgroups and joining forums there are some voices about a language called NewBasic, but I never find a site nor a single page which actually says something more. I'm quite sure NewBasic is something different than NuBasic as it seems to have characteristics that NuBasic don't have. Not to be confused with NewBASIC Assembler for DOS with visual IDE.
Angros writes: 'NewBasic it's an IDE/Interpreter/Compiler similar to Visual Basic, and works in NewDeal GEOS (not in Windows). NewDeal is a GUI operating system extension for DOS (like Windows 3.1). The graphic is similar to Windows 95, but system requirements was smaller: 80286 or better, CGA to SuperVGA, 640k ram (or more) and at least 20MB of Hard Disk Space. It isn't compatible with Windows, and has it's own applications (word processor, spreadsheet, database and so on...). To develop under this OS the best way is using NewBasic, which is for GEOS what Visual Basic is for Windows. Sadly, the official site ( has disappeared.'
February 2010. Jerzy found a reference to a NewBasic dated 1998. It is written in Basics PDS 7.1 and it creates ASM files that can be compiled with MASM. It is old, but it could be interesting as it comes with sources.

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