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NS Basic/Desktop is a Basic-like language that quickly produce standalone applications. It has a simple RAD environment with the most common objects such as buttons, textboxes, labels, comboboxes, checkboxes, timer and calendar, but it has the ability to use standard Windows components, also. NSBasic can connect to databases like ADO, SQL and Oracle, communicate with the internet and devices. It supports movies and music playing; Excel, Word, Outlook & Access file manipulation. But the most interesting characteristic is the rare feature that it may convert VBScript apps to EXE executables. Exes are 280Kb minimum. NS Basic is a good Basic-like language. Code is neat and tidy and very easy to learn. The manual is well done and comprehensive and comers with a lot of examples.
2011. NSBasic now evolved towards iOS and Android applications programming. The new NS Basic/App Studio is a complete development environment for mobile devices. It can be programmed in JavaScript or BASIC. The BASIC language implements a large subset of Microsoft's Visual Basic, with extensions to create a complete development environment. NS Basic/App Studio BASIC is a full, modern implementation of BASIC, with proper subroutines, variant data types and no line numbers. During development, NS Basic/App Studio runs the user's program in your default browser (better Chrome and Safari). The program looks and feels much like it will on a real device. NSBasic applications run on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android 2.1+, Blackberry. Runtime module overhead is approx. 125Kb. Very good.

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TimEv 2013-01-07 17:50
I have been working with NS Basic App Studio for two years, since launch.

My thoughts are this:-

If you plan to do any kind of development which you want to look professional then forget App Studio. NS Basic App Studio has some major failings, number one on the list being documentation. The documentation supplied with App Studio is truly appalling, covering basic commands and functions only, and even then, not fully. The moment you want to dig deeper there is no help for you and even the writers of App Studio say "Search the Internet for answers". This makes App Studio a 'development' system for amateurs.

If your intention is to develop anything that remotely resembles a professional application then I am very sorry to say you will have to use something else.

I speak as a professional developer of 30 years experience, having developed on all sorts of platforms. We recently completed a project (not the way we wanted to due to the limitations) using NS Basic App Studio and it took a whole year to make. The equivalent in almost any other environment would have taken a matter of weeks. There were times when my team and I wanted to blow our brains out in frustration, mainly with the woeful documentation and zero support offered by NS Basic.

NS Basic bill App Studio as a Visual Basic-like environment. Do you remember the days when IBM clone-makers were saying that their machines were compatible to the IBM PC and it turned out they meant they both use a 5amp fuse in the plug? Well that is how App Studio is to Visual Basic. Whilst App Studio uses the BASIC language, it is so far removed from VB when you start wanting to do anything interesting that it makes the comment "Visua Basic-like" a mockery at best and misleading at worst.

There are many fanboys of App Studio, but don't be misled. The product is not at a fit state yet to be used for any kind of professional development. You will end up going insane. From the advancements I have seen the product make since launch (two years now) I would guesstimate that it will take NS Basic another five years to create a development environment that is suitable for professional developers.

NS Basic App Studio could be a good product, however with so many fundamental flaws, which become apparent only after you have gone through the very basics, you start entering a nighmare world.

I hope this post helps prospective developers in making a choice about their development environment.

Roland 2012-11-07 23:25
Where can i get stuff on NS Basic's ADO database programming?
ALAN 2012-07-30 22:53
...seems abandoned the proyect
Rob O 2012-06-17 6:21
Not freeware? It's just $100... and you you get an awful lot for your money. Support is fantastic. If you need help, you get it quickly and efficiently. There are thousands of examples available on the web - seriously, how can you suggest that a lack of examples is an issue? Did you even look? I've used both the Desktop and the newer APP Studio versions. Excellent value, excellent support and excellent product. If you're serious, give it a try.
Joe 2012-03-14 23:50
NS Basic/Desktop Handbook is 3 years old. Isn't it developed any more?

The Basics' Page EDIT. Please fully read the review. The second paragraph (2011) tells about some news.
Anonymous 2010-01-17 0:30
Looks neat but the fact that it's not freeware is a deal killer for me.
Tom 2010-01-01 1:11
Lack documentation examples.

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