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NS Basic/Desktop is a Basic-like language that quickly produce standalone applications. It has a simple RAD environment with the most common objects such as buttons, textboxes, labels, comboboxes, checkboxes, timer and calendar, but it has the ability to use standard Windows components, also. NSBasic can connect to databases like ADO, SQL and Oracle, communicate with the internet and devices. It supports movies and music playing; Excel, Word, Outlook & Access file manipulation. But the most interesting characteristic is the rare feature that it may convert VBScript apps to EXE executables. Exes are 280Kb minimum. NS Basic is a good Basic-like language. Code is neat and tidy and very easy to learn. The manual is well done and comprehensive and comers with a lot of examples.
2011. NSBasic now evolved towards iOS and Android applications programming. The new NS Basic/App Studio is a complete development environment for mobile devices. It can be programmed in JavaScript or BASIC. The BASIC language implements a large subset of Microsoft's Visual Basic, with extensions to create a complete development environment. NS Basic/App Studio BASIC is a full, modern implementation of BASIC, with proper subroutines, variant data types and no line numbers. During development, NS Basic/App Studio runs the user's program in your default browser (better Chrome and Safari). The program looks and feels much like it will on a real device. NSBasic applications run on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android 2.1+, Blackberry. Runtime module overhead is approx. 125Kb. Very good.

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