I'm a great fan of Basic and all those Basic-like languages. Back in 2001 I started to search for all those basics that could 'build' stand-alone EXEs because I was somehow fascinated by those languages that could create 'self-contained' applications. Maybe this attraction was due to the fact that I started using PCs and DOS 3.0 since 1988 when the low power of PCs needed very high code optimization and space was not as much as now (my first harddisk was 20Megabytes large). As I was finding more and more languages as I expected, I thought that these informations could be useful to others and I decided to write down a first simple list that I published as a single web page: The Basics' page web site. One year later, many Basic enthusiasts started participating to improve this list encouraging me to better organize the informations into a 'real' web site. As time passed I had less time to dedicate to all the kind of basics I found so I had to choose to keep listing only compilers and pseudo compilers.
In 2003 the second version of the Basics' page web site was online, meanwhile the Basics listed quickly grew.
Again thanks to many Basic fans, in 2008 I decided it was time to renew the web site. I wanted to improve it by offering more interactivity and participation. After three months of hard work every night here's the new Basics' web page.
Four years later the web site appeared to be too old, many users claimed new features and a better organization of the informations, so in 2012 I gave the web site a new fresh look. It's very fast and it deeply uses Ajax for a better user experience. Basics are grouped in different ways and new interactive search instruments have been added. Lastly, anyone may contribute thanks to the new Editors' area.