BaConBaCon is a free and open-source BASIC to C converter. It was designed to run under Unix systems, but at the moment it's possible to use it under Windows as well. BaCon translate BASIC code to C and...
Windows, Linux



BlitzMaxBlitzMax is a game programming language. BlitzMax retains the BASIC roots of Blitz3D and BlitzPlus, but adds new features and abilities. BlitzMax is an enhanced BASIC language and offers many advanced...
Windows, Linux, MacOs



BLOCBLOC - Basic Like Object Compiler - is a programming language based on translating sources to Pascal code and compiling it into stand-alone binary executables. It is multiplatform, almost completely...
Windows, Linux, QNX, PalmOS

Blunt Axe Basic


Blunt Axe BasicBxbasm (the Blunt Axe Basic Project) is a basic-like programming language that at present offers a console mode 32 bit compiler. Bxbasic dialect is a subset of the QBasic/QuickBasic 4.5 dialect....
Windows, Linux

Cypress Enable


Cypress EnableCypress Enable is a Basic Scripting language compatible with VBScript ans VBA that aims to fill the gap between the two. I did not manage to test this language as the demo version won't run the apps...



EGSLEGSL (Easy Game Scripting with Lua) is a small interpreter that can execute programs written in Lua, but it can do even more, because it has many graphics features implemented. It is available on...
Windows, Linux, Haiku OS



EuphoriaEuphoria is a free Windows/Linux Basic-like language compiler. Euphoria seems to have gained some success within a certain type of developers who contribute to its development offering source code and...
Windows, Linux



Windows, Linux, DOS



GambasGambas is a Basic-like language with object extensions inspired by Java. A program written with Gambas is a set of files. Each file describes a class, in terms of object programming. The class files...



GLBasicGLBasic (once called DiNGS) is a basic-like 2d/3d/networkable cross platform programming language for develope games which creates stand-alone EXEs. GLBasic includes lots of useful tools such as setup...

GNU Liberty Basic


GNU Liberty BasicThe GNU/Liberty Basic Compiler Collection (GLBCC) is a suite of free libraries to compile Liberty Basic code to a small and fast stand-alone application. GLBCC originally started as a single utility t...
Windows, Linux



HBasicHBasic is RAD Basic like language for Linux which can create stand-alone executables. Throught its complete and execellent IDE you may create, execute and fully debug programs. The IDE offers also...



HollywoodHollywood is a programming language that can be used to create graphical and mutimedia applications very easily. It comes with about 500 different commands that simplifies the creation of 2D...
Windows, Amiga, MacOS



HotBasicHotBasic produces stand-alone executables by parsing source code straight to assembler language producing much more small EXEs starting from 6,5Kb. Rapid-Q users will appreciate the generally...



JabacoJabaco is a free new BASIC-like programming language with a VisualBasic-like syntax and a powerfull RAD. Its developer, who's a great fan of VisualBasic 6, deciced to develop its...
Windows, Linux, Sun solaris



JustBasicJust BASIC is a free Basic based on a subset Liberty BASIC. The developer is the same of Liberty Basic. Just BASIC has passed the beta stage and now it's available version 1.0.1. Thanks...
Windows, Linux



KBasicThe goal of KBasic is to offer a simple, intuitive and fast programming language for Windows and Linux which the programmer could be already familiar with. The language is very similar to...
Windows, Linux



KoolBasicKoolbasic is now definitively a Basic IDE for Rapid-Q. The Koolbasic official site has disappeared and actually any reference to the name 'Koolbasic'. Look at
Windows, Linux, Sun-Solaris, HO UX



OmniBasicOmnibasic produces small and fast EXE files. Is has a good and intuitive IDE similar to Visualbasic but it is not a RAD (you may not draw forms directly from the working environment, for i.e.). The la...
Windows, Linux



PhoenixPhoenix Object Basic (once called Envelop) is a RAD development tool for Linux (and now for Windows). It's a fully object-oriented languages which uses inheritance and polymorphism. The main...
Windows, Linux



PureBasicGreat basic-like programming language. Purebasic offers a really good IDE with a visual designer which gives the programmer all the major objects such as tool boxes, edit boxes, combo boxes, radio...
Windows, Linux, AmigaOS, MacOS



QB64QB64 (originally QB32) is a BASIC compiler compatible with Microsoft QBASIC and QuickBasic. QB64 produces a C++ code that is compiled into stand-alone EXEs with its integrated C++ compiler....
Windows, Linux



RapidQRapid-Q is a cross platform Basic free programming language, is available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux/i386, Solaris/Sparc, and HP-UX. It generates stand alone EXE of about 300Kb. Due to the fact ...
Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX



RealBasicExtremely well built, powerful and complete IDE. Very professional working environment RAD. Valid alternative to VisualBasic. It has hundreds of commands and functions. The developers more attentive...
Windows, Linux, MacOS



ScriptBasicScriptbasic is a Windows, Linux and Unix script language similar to Basic. It uses the GTK libraries for a cross platform GUI. It supports a rich set of instructions and the script files are...
Windows, Linux, Unix



SmallBasicSmallbasic is a simple computer language, featuring a clean interface, strong mathematics and graphics. It is not a developer tool for professional programmers. At the beginning Smallbasic had to be...
Windows, Linux, PalmOS, DOS



wxBasicwxWindows is an open source GUI framework to make cross-platform programming. wxWindows gives a single, easy-to-use API for writing GUI applications on multiple platforms. Link with the appropriate...
Windows, Linux, MacOS



X11BasicX11-Basic is a Basic interpreter with full X graphic capability. The syntax is most similar to the old GFA-Basic ATARI ST implementation. Old GFA-Basic programs should run with only few changes. The a...
Linux, Unix



Windows, Linux