I don't earn money with this web site (there are no banners, ads, sponsorships, nor I do not support or sustain a language more than an other). The rare donations are a friendly sign that this site is appreciated. As a Basic enthusiast I simply like to think that this web site can be somehow useful.
Any contribution is greatly appreciated. It is not easy keeping up to date this site, so if you are a Basic enthusiast as me and you would like to participate, the activities to deal with are:
- editor / reviewer
- FAQ writer / author
- news hunter / news updater
- site behaviour controller / comments moderator - Petr Schreiber

The Basics' Page website is open to new editors!
One of the most frequent claim I get is that the web site does not list interpreters. I would really like to list AND review ALL basic-like programming languages, but it's a hard job to do by myself as I don't have much spare time. For this reason I created the new Editors' section which is dedicated to all those who would like to participate by adding whatever new Basic language you want. Take a look at this new section and see how you may manage your reviews.

I hope to hear from you!